Jasp developing team
(The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
YAMAMOTO Yoshikazu
(Tokushima Bunri University)
(Tokushima Bunri University)
(Tokyo University of Information Science)
HONDA Keisuke
(Open Technologies Corporation)

This research is partly supported by "Function and Induction Research Project" held by the Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center at the Research Organization of Information and Sciences, Japan.
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What's Jasp?
Jasp (Java based Statistical Processor) is a statistical system written in Java language. Some features of Jasp are:
  1. Easy and flexible language for statistical computing
  2. Advanced user interface
  3. Operation through Web browsers
  4. Distributed computing
  5. System extendibility by Java classes
  6. Foreign language (C, C++ and Fortran) interface
  7. Freely available and open source

Jasp is on the way of developing. As the current program is still before alpha version, a lot of bugs are included and designs and features may be changed in near future.

A current snap shot of Jasp session is:

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