Jasp developing team
(The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
YAMAMOTO Yoshikazu
(Tokushima Bunri University)
(Tokushima Bunri University)
(Tokyo University of Information Science)
HONDA Keisuke
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Jasp operation examples
  1. Current version of Jasp is an experimental version and very buggy. We check that following operations works on our environments.
  2. The meaning of operations (what kind of statistical calculations are done) will be explained by the separate pages in future, although some of them are clear or easily understood from programs or names of functions.
  3. Jasp client program opens two windows. The window which has two sub windows is a CUI window and the window with three sub windows is a GUI window.
  4. Jasp client can stop when you select"File" -> "Quit".

Executing example programs
  1. Read an example program from the CUI window. When you use Jasp application, push "File" -> "Open" -> "Local file". Select one file from examples directory.
  2. Program will be read into the upper window of the CUI windows (Editor area with tabs).
  3. Select one editor area by clicking the inside of the selected editor area. Push "EditorArea" -> "Select All". This can be done by pushing "Select all" icon button ().
  4. Push "File" -> "Evaluate". This can be done by pushing "Evaluate" icon button (). Results will be written on both CUI and GUI windows.
  5. In the examples directory, we have 2 kinds of files. Execute ?????Library.jasp first, then ?????Test.jasp where ????? means same characters. ?????Library.jasp files include necessary functions for executing ?????Test.jasp files and produce no results.

Use CUI window
  1. You can feed your commands from the lower window (Input/Output area) of the CUI windows. Simple examples are:
    Jasp > x1=3 
    Jasp > x2=x1+3
    Jasp > x2
    Jasp > y1=Matrix([[1,2],[4,3]])
    Jasp > y1
                   1   [Var.1]   2   [Var.2]     
    1     [No.1]       1.0           2.0         
    2     [No.2]       4.0           3.0         
    Jasp > y1inv=y1.inv
    Jasp > y1inv
                   1   [Var.1]   2   [Var.2]
    1     [No.1]      -0.600000      0.4
    2     [No.2]       0.8          -0.2
    Jasp > yy=y1*y1inv
    Jasp > yy
                   1   [Var.1]   2   [Var.2]
    1     [No.1]       1.0           0.0
    2     [No.2]       0.0           1.0
    Jasp >
  2. Note that the GUI window also shows results.

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