Jasp developing team
(The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
YAMAMOTO Yoshikazu
(Tokushima Bunri University)
(Tokushima Bunri University)
(Tokyo University of Information Science)
HONDA Keisuke
(Open Technologies Corporation)

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Getting and installing Jasp system
Getting source codes and cautions!
This version of Jasp is very experimental. It has many bugs, strange and awkward designs and codes. Please download by pushing here, only if you can endure them.
We welcome any opinion from you.

System requirements
  1. Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista), Linux, Solaris or MacOS X operating systems
  2. Java JDK 5.0 or higher, JDK 6 is recommended. You can get them freely from here.

Installing Jasp and starting application

We assume that Java 6 is available in your environment. See JDK documents.

  • On Unix/Linux/Solaris
    1. Expand the Jasp archive file 'jasp???.zip' using 'jar' command, then 'jasp' directory will be created in the current directory. For example, type
      • % jar xf jasp0_7_1.zip
      If "jar" command is not available, "unzip" can be used instead of "jar" (above "jar xf" can be replaced by "unzip").
    2. Go into jasp directory and execute jasp.jar by
      • % cd jasp
      • % java -jar jasp.jar

  • On Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
    1. Expand the Jasp archive file 'jasp???.zip' and create jasp folder.
    2. Double click jasp.jar in jasp folder by mouse.
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