Workshop on "Modern Statistical Visualization and related topics" (2)
at ISM on 11-12, December 2003

Organizer: Junji Nakano (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)



All slides are in pdf format.


11th (Thu) December, 2003

   9:20 - 9:30  Genshiro Kitagawa (Director-General of ISM)
       Opening address
   9:30 - 10:40  Ross Ihaka (Auckland University, New Zealand)
      "An introduction to the R project" (slides)
       Why R exists
       Origins of the code, New Ideas
       Developement of R core
       Organisation and lack thereof
       The Wider R Community
       The R Foundation
       Issues: Licensing / Support
  10:50 - 12:00  Shigeru Mase (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
      "A personal report on the present status of R systems in Japan" (slides)
       R and Japanese users
       R related activities in Japan (Rjp and RjpWiki)
       Translations of documents of R
       Japanese books on R
  13:30 -14:40  Ross Ihaka
      "Scoping in R" (slides)
       Lexical Scope.
       How R differs from S.
       Examples of using lexical scope.
       Further scoping issues (Packages, Namespaces, Objects).
  14:50 - 16:00  Daisuke Yokouchi and Ritei Shibata 
                 (Keio University, Japan)
     DandD Project:  Enough Description of Data and 
       its Utilization"
  16:10 - 17:20  Paul Murrell (Auckland University, New Zealand)
      "Recent developments in R" (slides)
       S4 object system
       Graphics system(s)
       QA tests
       Documentation (vignettes)
       Byte code compiler
       Threading/parallel computing
       Event loops and GUIs
       Database integration.
  18:00 -       Workshop party

12th (Fri) December, 2003

   9:30 - 10:40  Paul Murrell
      "R grid graphics" (slides)
       What for?
       Concepts in grid graphics
  10:50 - 12:00  Eiji Nakama (Software programmer, Japan)
      "Some problems in Japanizing R" (slides in English, Japanese)
       R parser for i18n
       R regular expression for i18n
       i18n of X11 functions in R
       i18n of Windows functions in R
       i10n of PostScript functions in R
  13:30 - 14:40  Paul Murrell
      "Current and future directions for R graphics" (slides)
       Dynamic graphics
       Display lists
       Integrating graphics systems
       Graphics devices
  14:50 - 16:00  Takeshi Fujiwara (Aoyama gakuin University, Japan)
         and Yoshikazu Yamamoto (Tokushima Bunri University, Japan) 
      "Some aspects of recent Jasp system"
       New Jasp interpreter
       Time series functions in Jasp
       Distributed computing in Jasp
  16:10 - 17:20  Ross Ihaka
      "Directions for R graphics development" (slides)
       2d vector extensions
         Polygon operations
         Generalized polygons (holes)
         Cross-hatching and textured fills
         Colour gradients
       Vector extensions to 3d
         Hidden line/surface elimination (BSP Trees)
       Perceptually based colour descriptions
       Interactive graphics
         GGobi, RGL, iPlots
       Graphics, Guis and Threading (short)


For further information, please contact:

Junji Nakano
Center for Development of Statistical Computing
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

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